Who Am I?

Barb on the Beach

I’m a die hard family girl and proud mama of two amazing little men that constantly add to this thrill ride called life. A perfect day to me would be relaxing on the beach with my fam with my piggies in the sand and a good read to sink my teeth into. I love celebrating being mother, sister, daughter, friend and wife. Sharing my thoughts and connecting with others through my writing has been a wonderful creative outlet that I hope to continue to hone and polish as time unfolds.

I think it’s important to elevate the ordinary in our lives.  There is nothing wrong with embracing our everyday lives and looking for the exceptional in the little things.  I am extremely thankful that I am able to exist in my current role as stay at home mom, because it has allowed me a window into noticing some of the simple joys of life. I think so often we don’t even realize that something as simple as smile or nod of encouragement can leave lasting impact, even without us knowing it–maybe even inspire a future Jesse Owens, Michaelangelo or JFK to ignite great things within themselves.

I have also found that with every passing year, I realize more and more that honing in on your own creativity and pulling out the gifts within, result in some of the most glorious moments in our lives and translates into elating other folks as well. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering to experience personal euphoria that ripples into the fabric of other people’s lives.  Preparing a great meal.  Writing a killer blog bost. Capturing a striking digital image. Pulling together a room that feels like your own. Even just retelling an experience that brings a smile to someone’s face.

So welcome to my digital world where I want to elevate the ordinary, recognize our gifts within and enjoy linking and relating with others as we travel through our every day lives together.  Hope you’ll come by often…


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