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Recipe Day: Roasted Asparagus

Sometimes the simple things are the best.  This go to recipe is great for a crowd because it is easy, fast and highlights the great flavor of the asparagus.   Roasted Asparagus 1 pound of fresh asparagus, trimming the tough … Continue reading

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Get Outdoors and Geocache!

My husband happened upon a neat little distraction that we have been enjoying as a family whenever the weather is cooperative.  It’s called geocaching. In super simplified terms, it’s basically an electronic game of hide and seek that can take … Continue reading

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Quick Kitchen Tip of the Day

Even though I love cooking, there are some kitchen tasks that just are not all that fun. Peeling shrimp is one of those things.  I was just peeling some shrimp and accidentally found that if you start to peel the … Continue reading

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