May 9 Photo a Day: Something You Do Every Day


LOVE Food!!!

Yup. it’s a thing I do every day…if I’m not eating, cooking or thinking about where I’m going out to eat, I’m probably sleeping.  I can recall many vacations by the meals that I ate, sad but true.  My hubby often gives me a hard time because I often ask about the next meal while we are finishing up the previous one.

When trying to come up with the photo for today’s challenge, I thought of some other things that I do every day–love my family, love my kids, have coffee, do my crossword–but they don’t ALWAYS happen every day…with the exception of loving, which I sure hope I manage to do every day.  But all those things seem kind of automatic and almost a given.  I thought food expressed a very big and vibrant part of who I am.  Food is not only nourishment to survive, but it’s also a way to connect with others.  To me, there is absolutely nothing better than sharing a fabulous meal with the people you love. How many social things are centered around food? What’s better than getting to know some new peeps than sharing a meal together and enjoying some quality time getting to know one another?

I also get a kind of high from feeding people.

Love to cook....

Yeah, I know, probably kinda weird.  But I get a total feel good rush when I throw my creative energy into a meal and then sit in mini euphoria as everyone enjoys it.  It feels terrific to me that I was instrumental in them enjoying themselves over something that puts us on even ground–the need for us to sustain ourselves through nourishment.  It’s a great equalizer in that we all need to eat.  Enjoying it together, an even bigger bonus.

So yeah, here’s to food.  Savoring every last bite.  Enjoying the company that you share it with.  You betcha, I’m a culinary junkie.  And I like it.  Every last drop 🙂

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