May Photo of the Day 8: A Smell you Adore

I love the fresh, clean smell of rain...I can almost drink it in.

I have been very happily stepping up to the May Photo a Day Challenge that an old co-worker was involved in.  I like being forced with a deadline to jumpstart your creativity with a prompt.  The task at hand today was to find something that captures a smell that you adore.

I love the smell of rain.  It’s sort of hard to describe.  The best way I can think of still falls woefully short of accurate, but I think it steers you in the right direction:  it just smells green and fresh.  I think it’s almost one of those things that almost eludes you, because you have to really pay attention to it, to breathe it in.  I don’t think you smell it all the time, but I think you notice it the most on warm spring days when the rain has just begun. I could almost drink it in and feels so invigorating.


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