May Photo Challenge…Day 2: Skyline

What could beat a gorgeous day, in beautiful surroundings accompanied by my three favorite men?

Happily distracted today with meeting the once a day May Photo Challenge. I know this is a bit of a cheat, as when most people they think of the word skyline they think of a favorite cityscape.  But, one of our favorite local get aways is the fairly nearby Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah Valley.  It’s a shame we don’t head out there more often, as it is truly a beautiful place to visit.  I love that when you go there you often don’t see another soul for hours at a time.

We’ve been saying for years that we want to camp or stay there.  We finally booked–months in advance, mind you–a weekend trip last year to view the fall foliage. Lo and behold a Nor’easter foiled our plans.  We plugged along and drove to the mountain in heavy snow only to find the next morning not only could you not see more than 6 inches in front of you from our amazing balcony view, but we came to find that we were being kicked off the mountain because of the freak October storm that had already dumped 6 inches on the mountain.

The snowy view of skyline drive..

Unfortunately, we found ourselves clamoring down the mountain behind the 100 or so other folks that were crawling behind the snowplow to “safety”. C’est l’vie.


If I had to pick another skyline, and had time to drive there today, I’d pick the Philly skyline to snap my photo of the day.  Even though I haven’t called it home in over 15 years, nothing makes me feel like I’m like I’m coming home than when I’m driving up I-95 and see the Philly skyline looming in the distance.  It’s potent enough to make my eyes weepy sometimes, even still.

Another eye-dampening skyline, probably for many of us, is driving into New York City.  Nothing can quite quell the feelings that I have when I’m pulling closer to Manhattan only to see what is flagrantly missing from the famous outline–the twin towers.  To this day it still feels as though something that belongs has left a void that will never quite be replaced.

I feel fortunate to have seen many skylines in my lifetime, and hope to keep tallying up the list as time goes by…


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