Complete and Utter Happiness. I like it.

When I looked up the word bliss in the Urban Dictionary, it can be described as such:

1. A state of complete, and utter happiness. Often seen as heaven-like.

Now that sounds awfully damn good doesn’t it? I’ve been participating in an interesting class of late which is pushing you to dig very deep into your innermost self to try and pull out some creativity, thereby bringing out the best that you’ve got.  If anyone’s ever tried to do such some serious soul searching, I can tell you, it ain’t easy. But, I’ve enjoyed it very much and it’s incredibly uplifting to see how creative one can be.  Our bright and bubbly online instructor, Liv Lane, has encouraged us to share our moments of bliss that we’ve experienced this week.  Her reasoning is, joy kinda spreads.  If you spread it out there, it can be rather infectious. And you know, I think she’s right.  So without further ado, I proudly present MY Bliss List for this week…

  • Although it’s a repeat from an earlier post, it’s too good not to share.  I was walking out to the mailbox one day after 5 to pick up our mail, and I realized: Hey!  It’s not dark!  Wahoo!  It’s that first realization that the daylight hours are turning in the other direction.  Even though it is still winter, at least we are visibly rounding the curve. This little thought just brightened my day because that can only mean warmer and sunnier days are that much closer.  Summer here we come!
  • Tulips.  I love tulips.  I love that they are available now where I live.  They just really make me happy.  I don’t really know why, exactly.  Maybe because they evoke memories of spring. But I also think they are sublime, and can easily top roses hands down for their sheer beauty and elegance.
  • My hole.  What, you say?  What the heck could she possibly be talking about now.  Well, this week has not been without its challenges, related just to dumb stuff. There was much to do, and everything just seemed to be such a time suck for one reason or another. There didn’t seem to be an end to it all. But I can tell you it felt really swell to ease into my trusty spot in my sofa that just feels like bliss. It’s that little quiet corner with Pandora soothing gently in the background while I dive into my kindle or if it’s REALLY bad, I just pop on the TV and enjoy some perfectly mindless TIVO. With my feet up, ensconced in pillows and my blanket keeping me warm and toasty, seriously, what more could I possibly need?
  • And last, but not least, that well deserved glass o’ red that just helps one relax into the weekend….Cheers!
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10 Responses to Complete and Utter Happiness. I like it.

  1. Patty says:

    I love your bliss list! These all make me feel happy too- I happened to notice the daylight getting longer today as well.

    • Barb Welsh says:

      Thanks Patty! It’s those little things that make it all worthwhile, isn’t it? Have a great weekend and thanks for your kind comment 🙂

  2. ooo I forgot to mention Tulips in my list. This week i bought myself some to make me feel better!

  3. your bliss is beautiful;
    thanks for the grateful share:)
    more and more joy to you,

  4. Beautiful, simple, bliss. Love it!

  5. Liv Lane says:

    Yay! Love your bliss list {I’m a big fan of tulips, too}! And me – bright and bubbly? Wow, I’ll take it – thanks!

    • Barb Welsh says:

      Thanks Liv! I can just feel your smile from your words and sentiments. Thanks for the inspiration to push a little harder 🙂

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