Behind the 8 Ball…

Buried.  Under. A. Pile. Of. Paper.  Can’t breathe.  Must.  Make. Progress. Every feel like you are behind the 8 Ball?  I’m sure you must have.  That horrible feeling as though you were incredibly busy doing lots of things all day, but yet the number of items that you actually crossed off the list seemed barely quantifiable. Today was one of those days.  I now have a cutesy little basket for stowing all things paper to prevent an overload on my countertops, and since it was near overflowing, I thought it best that I try to address it

Behind the 8 Ball (Image:

before it started to walk out the door on its own.  I consider myself fairly organized.  The bills usually get paid on time, for the most part.  There are more than likely clean clothes awaiting your morning. Kids usually show up to whatever events that they’ve been scheduled for.  But by no means am I the neat, orderly, label maker kinda woman.

I really hate when you set out to get a lot of stuff done, particularly the busy work stuff, and you seem to be spinning wheels.  For example, I got this refund check recently from my new home owner’s insurance policy.  (Score that the Progressive commercials are spot on and really do save you lots o’ cash!). The dollar amount just rang familiar, and I had wondered if they added my engagement ring to the policy as I had requested.  I had to pay a pocket draining $100 bucks for the appraisal in order for it to be covered, dag nammit, it had better be covered.

So, I thought I should give a little ring, excuse the pun, and check to be sure.   So, not only is my ring not covered as I suspected, but I will have to pony up once again for the policy shortfall–after being issued a refund check for it.  Annoying.  At least I figured it out, thankfully before some quirk of fate destroyed my sentimental symbol of love from my dream man. As I’m the kind of girl that can destroy most jewelry (on setting number 4 in 15 years, the last one being platinum to hopefully keep it around a little longer) But it took more than hour.  I had to call the customer service number twice, and no sooner did I get through the ten minute digital prompts, then of course you know what happened next…click click, disconnected—NOOOOO!  I got hung up on after ten minutes of plugging in my policy number, address and what seemed like my first born.

Summer can't be too far off...yup, that's me in the blue dress, dreaming of those white sand beaches 🙂

So the whole day went like that.  I’m sure I could recount a litany of boring ho hum events staggered throughout my day, but there’s no need, as I’m sure you quite understand.  But there was a happy moment at the end of the day, that quite perked me up.  I was meandering out to my mailbox just after 5 and I realized–Wow!  It’s not dark!  I love that first day in winter that it hits you that it’s a wee bit lighter a wee bit later than you remember it being.  That can only mean one thing–summer is that much closer! That was enough to help make the rest of the day cruise by a little easier, knowing that warmer and longer days were headed in my direction…

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3 Responses to Behind the 8 Ball…

  1. I’m so there with you….feeling that to my busy bones.
    And since the piles don’t seem to be dwindling,
    thinking about how to repurpose the sitting and doing
    to also include something that feels more like aliveness
    to me.
    I know it’s there, I’m just not seeing it yet.
    Let me know if you get a visual:)
    Mired down but not sinking,

    • Barb Welsh says:

      I will certainly let you know, although there are mostly just good days and bad days. Here’s to the energy to plow through the bad, and savor the good! Thanks for your comment 🙂

    • Barb Welsh says:

      Thanks Jennifer. It’s all good. The week wasn’t so bad after all, and those little joyful things keep me going, when the going gets tough 🙂

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