Out of the mouths of babes

Not sure what brought today’s little number to my mind.  My oldest son has just joined Boy Scouts, and I was going through the Safety Protection training.  It prompted me to ask a few questions about what inappropriate touching means and who he feels comfortable talking to.  I could go on for ever on this topic, but just wanted to keep it light and brief today.

Our school is a typical suburban public school and we are currently situated just under a mile from school.  Even though it is walkable, I’m lucky I’m even out of my pajamas by the time it’s time to take the kids to school.  In fact, if you are waving at my on the drive by you never know if I’m actually sporting my jammies and slippers that day 🙂

One day, I was taking Tommy to school.  Timmy was not yet in grade school, and I believe Tommy was in 1st grade.  I was in line to drop off at the kiss ride when Tommy zinged me with, “Hey mom, where do babies come from?”  Now, I was expecting this at some point at time, but certainly not when he was 7, and certainly  not while I had two seconds to explain with his 5 year old brother sitting next to him looking at me and waiting for an answer.

I was completely caught off guard and trying to come up with a reasonable answer when Tommy himself said.  Is it just like when animals are mating?  Whew!  Yes, son, that’s exactly how it happens.  Thank you son for digging me out of my own hole. I later figured that they must have been covering that in science class, and my bright boy made the reasonable jump to people.

That was one of those days I cherish being a mom.

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