Ode to a Dad…

Not afraid to get his hands dirty…

To all those dads out there who are fearless:

  • He who is not scared of a little old messy diaper
  • Who will not be intimidated by a sink full of dishes
  • One that won’t run away from a pile of dirty laundry

One that can remain calm in a time of crisis:

  • Suppressing that smile when the doll’s head falls off
  • Letting go of that two wheeler even though you are getting yelled at NOT to by the 5 year old
  • Balancing the budget and pulling out funds that didn’t exist so that the buck toothed cutie pie can have a lovely smile

Showing a keen ability to remain gentle and firm:

  • When setting that curfew even though all the other kids are staying out later
  • When it’s time to have that conversation about those good old birds and bees and laying the groundwork for your own morality
  • Not backing down on a punishment doled out as it will teach consequences for their actions later in life

Having utmost character and strength:

  • Visibly shedding a tear without regret during a moment of sadness
  • To be able to face a conflict of interest head on to let your child know that something they’ve done is wrong
  • Being able to dole out an apology when you realize that your child might have actually been right after all

Showing a relentless, yet loving respect for women

  • Keeping that parental united front no matter how tough it might be
  • Unabashedly able to hold your spouse’s hand and accept or deliver a simple kiss
  • Correcting a flippant kid to let them know it is no way to speak to their mother

Recognizing that you are never too old to be a kid

  • Getting on the floor and playing whatever the favorite game of the day is
  • Sitting beside them and learning the nuances of Playstation 3 to spend quality time together
  • Encouraging some geocaching or a long bike ride to show that the family can have fun together

For all these things and endless more, I am eternally


Happy Father’s Day to all those dad’s out there that help make the world a better place by helping to raise some awesome kids…Love you all!





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One Response to Ode to a Dad…

  1. what a beautiful tribute
    to honor the real life heros
    all around….this is the stuff
    of muchness:)

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