May Photo Challenge…Day 1: Peace

Nothing spells peace to me than morning time before anyone else is awake.

I’m trying to do a photo a day challenge…A friend of mine posted a list with words for the month of May, and the challenge is to post a picture that evokes that feeling/image.  Today’s word is Peace.  I’m sure some folks might represent a much deeper meaning, such as global peace.  But for my own purposes, I can’t tell you how just some solitude to think, be and just slurp up my morning coffee uninterrupted with the opportunity to do a crossword puzzle without a soul around gives me a joyous feeling of peace that is hard to compete with…and when your day starts out on the right foot, it certainly helps things go a lot more smoothly.

I hope to try and rise up to the photo a day challenge because it just sounds fun…maybe with a little luck I can learn to increase my photographic skills, something I’ve been wanting to work on anyway. So here goes it…

Photo a Day Challenge.


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