A little thanks…

It never hurts to really think about those things for which you are truly grateful. I was just reading an interesting article that says that kids that are thankful are more successful, well adjusted and happier. Something about being grateful for what you have, helps you to be more content in your life.  I’m all for it.  Being thankful just feels good. So, here’s to being thankful:

T – My TJ3s:  Thomas Joseph, Junior and Timothy James.  I can not imagine my life without them all.  They bring happiness and joy through all the ups and downs of life and I am grateful for every moment I get to spend with them.

H – Hugs.  Love hugs. You don’t have to say anything. Or do anything.  Just a big squeeze can convey more than any words can.  Embrace them.

A – Adventures and spontaneous moments. Bagging the laundry to go to the park. Meeting the hubby for an unexpected lunch.  Surprising the kids with a trip to Disney. These are everyday moments to treasure and savor.

N – Nights by a roaring fire.  I love it when the weather cools down to have a fire.  There’s something hypnotizing about gazing into a fire which is like no other.  It gives me a feeling of peace and tranquility that I very much savor and look forward to.

K – Kidnapping the parents for an unexpected adventure.  I love returning the favor I enjoyed as a kid now that my mom and dad are older and don’t enjoy driving as much. It’s fun to take them places that they wouldn’t normally go and see the excitement in their eyes.

S – Soaking up the sun. Sun roof open.  Top down. Sunrise. Sunset. Especially thankful if doing said activity in close proximity to the ocean.  I love soaking up the sun and truly appreciate every day that I get to revel in it.

G – Giggles.  Silly giggles. Hiccup inducing giggles.  Uncontrollable giggles during really solemn times.  Giggles are food for the soul and it’s hard to ignore the feel good feeling that often goes along with them. Bring on the giggles!

I – Intuition.  I’m thankful for that little nagging feeling that tells you not leave yet and you are not sure why, when you realize you left the stove on or the door open.  Here’s to paying attention to those little nagging feelings, as I’m betting they are right more often than you might think.

V – Visiting with friends.  Especially old friends.  It’s great to savor some of the old memories that you had together and conjuring up some of the times that you will never forget.

I – Insulating yourself inside your warm and cozy bed when it’s dark and rainy and cold above the covers.  Whether it’s hopping in there at the end of the day.  Or if you don’t have anything to get up for and can stay in there when you wake up and treasure the moment.  Love it. Wouldn’t trade it.  Love to savor it.

N – Nothing.  Yup.  Nothing.  I love those times when you have to do nothing.  Which makes whatever you decide to do when you have nothing to do all the more special.  This is especially treasured after a week that’s beaten you up and left no time for yourself, and then, you find that everything is all done, and there’s nothing.  Ah.  Nothing like it at all.  Love it.

G – Growing old.  Yeah.  I am actually thankful for this.  Of course, I sometimes I wish I could trade in my creaky parts for some shiny new ones, but for the most part, I am enjoying the ride and my current place in it.  Don’t really feel the need to relive high school.  Am glad I’m done with my college days, as fun as they were.  Can just appreciate everywhere that I’ve been and all that I have done, and look forward to keeping it going.  Skydiving when I’m 80?  Why not?

So be thankful. Thankful is good.  Thank you makes you feel happy.  Thanking makes you appreciate.  Thanking often makes others feel thankful too.  It spreads. It’s good.  So whoever thought up this day to be thankful, I am thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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