Full Moon or what?

I have to say that I am one of those folks that believes that people, probably myself included are a little kookier when the light of the full moon is shining down upon us.  I find myself thinking sometimes, “What the hell is the matter with everyone today?”, and it dawns on me that it is a full moon, and I understand why everyone seems to be drinking kookie kool aid.

Yesterday, as I was out and about trying to take care of some errands, not one, not two, but three people were backing up on major roadways into the face of traffic behind them.  Seriously people. Twice it was on a four lane road.  Do these people not have any common sense at all?  Have they forgotten how to perform a successful ubie?

I’m not alone in my belief either.  I’ve known several people over the years that have worked in ERs and have also stated that nights are definitely more wild on the hospital “dance floor” during the evenings when the moon is at its fullest.  I have never actually heard anyone expound upon these nights, but the rolling of the eyes and heavy sighing seem to indicate that whatever is in the airwaves on such eves, it must be pretty brutal.

I wonder exactly what it is that causes such unrest?  According to an article from Scientific American, http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=lunacy-and-the-full-moon, there is no such proof that there is any effect. They throw out there the idea that people notice weird behavior, and identify that there is a full, and then blame it on our shiny friend up high in the sky.  The article goes on to say that such odd events are just as likely to happy at any other time, moon or no moon. A contradictory article from io9 seems to argue the complete opposite, io9.com/5086250/does-the-full-moon-really-make-people-crazy, that the moon does indeed affect behaviors on many levels.  One of their theories is that our body is composed of 80% water, and since the moon influences bodies of water so dramatically, it must indeed affect us as well–which is precisely what the Scientific American article said was utter hogwash. So, who knows what the real deal is with fervent supporters on both sides?

I know by the end of the day yesterday (full moon of course!), I was feeling a little wherewolf-like.  Growling at my kids…cranky and irritable….was it that I was tapped out from all the wackerdoodles that I had encountered during the course of the day, or was it really that I was somehow affected and a wackerdoodle myself? Or was it more related to not getting enough sleep, and identifying that it was a fool moon to blame it on instead? Well, it sure would be cool to at least lean on a valid excuse to be cranky every now and then, wouldn’t it?

So, open up your old memory banks and try to figure out if you’ve noticed any odd behaviors during the realm of the moon at it’s fullest.  I’d be super curious to hear any great stories that may have happened to further add to my inkling that there may be something out there influencing a wackier than usual day…

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