Being at the right place at the right time….

Isn’t cool when you are at the right place at the right time?  It probably happens more times than you think about…pulling up to the grocery store and the parking spot right in front opens up, leaving to attend an outdoor event with angry skies only for the heavens to open up and be bright and clear where you are, driving through the toll gate to find the person before you randomly covers your ride.  Times like these give you a great boost.

I just happened to be sitting down to a late lunch getting ready to jump on my scrabble words on facebook (I’m terribly addicted to playing several games with my mom to try and top her high scores!) when I noticed a status that asked–first person to reply to this post gets free tickets to tonights show at Wolftrap.  Bam!  I’m in.  “I’ll take 4 please”. Cool.  I’m not the luckiest soul in the world, so this was especially lift inducing.  It was going to be a beautiful evening and all that I had to do was head to one of the offerer’s restaurants,, and I was home free.

If you have never been to Wolftrap, it’s a beautiful outdoor arena with both lawn seating and standard concert seating, under cover called the Pavilion.  Whenever I attend a concert here, it reminds me of home as it’s strikingly similar to a theater called the Mann Music Center–just minus the fabulous view of the Philly skyline and the scent of hoagies wafting in the breeze.  One of the nice things about attending a performance here is being able to bring food and drinks to enjoy before and during the concert.  I’m always amazed when I walk by the lawn and see the spreads that people tote along.  It’s certainly a great place to gather with some friends and enjoy a night under the stars.

An Evening with Chris Botti at Wolftrap

To my utter delight the seats we scored were second and third row directly behind the orchestra!  Even though Tom and I had to divide and conquer each with a kid in tow, we could not have asked for a better place to enjoy the show.

Even though we were not familiar with the headliner, it didn’t mean we couldn’t enjoy the fabulous show.  Chris Botti,, was on tap for the evening, and he did not disappoint. He kind of reminded me of Sting (and actually said that they were good friends during the show), although his forte is as a trumpeter.  Our ears were treated to some amazing musicians: Caroline Campbell, concert violinist, and Lisa Fisher, noted R & B singer, stepped up to enhance the performance.  The energy and sheer talent of these folks left me with nothing but total admiration for their amazing musical skill and ability to wow the crowd.  Even my kids were entranced on several occasions during the 2 hour plus show.

Yup,  yet another reason I love living in this area.  I’ll just add Wolftrap to the seemingly endless list of fun things to experience.  Even though I managed to score the show for free, (thanks again Great American Restaurants!!) we’ve been this fabulous arena several times, and would gladly go again to take in another concert for a future event. What is there not to love?



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