Latest parenting thing that drives me nuts…

The latest behavior that has been driving me up a wall lately with my children is when they already know the answer to a question, and still continue to ask you about it.  Yesterday, I was pulling out the vacuum, unwrapping the cord, and my son asked me, “Are you vacuuming?”  Do I really have to answer that question?  Of late, my smart ass comment back is, “Now what do you think?”

If I were to guess, I’d say it’s just his little mind not really asking me if, but more pondering why.  Does he really need to know why, even if that were the question? Now it seems much clearer why my mother probably answered some questions, “Because I said so.”  She probably wanted to avoid wasting any time on a moot argument or thought it was so obvious it didn’t really need an answer.

He often asks what I’m cooking when he sees something I make often, is watching me put together the ingredients, and clearly knows exactly what I am cooking.  It makes me crazy. Do I really have to answer?

I know this phase will pass at some point, particularly if I never answer when he already knows the answer.  But oh how long will it last, and I have to wonder what new “ism” will make me nuts in the future.  I do love my boys, and all the quirky behaviors that make them who they are, and as a result have a keener insight as to how I might have made my own mom nuts with similar traits.  Although I don’t remember doing them, I’m pretty sure the apple doesn’t fall so far from the tree…

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