Random List: Favorite Places

Just thinking about some of my favorite places.  By places, I don’t necessarily mean a geographical spot, but just a place where I felt happy and appreciated that life is good.

  • On days when we had no where to go, I used to love going into my parent’s room and snuggle right next to my mom, or plop right in the middle of them, often times waking them up for the day.  There was nothing like cozing up to my mom and dad first thing in the morning.  Cornball as it was, I did it even when I was grown.  It was always good for conversation and precious QT.
  • In the passenger seat of my sister’s 70’s era caprice classic.  She was always asking if I wanted to take a ride, to which I always said yes.  I loved cruising with the windows down and the music turned up, never knowing where we were going to go until we got there.
  • Basking in the sun in my back yard. For hours.  I used to remember hanging up laundry outside, and I’d lay on my lounge chair forever, in between putting up and taking down the clothes.  Of course, who thought about cancer back then? Certainly not me.  I was always shooting for those prime tanning hours between 10 and 2.  There was nothing like chillin’ and soaking up those warm rays.
  • The beach. When I was growing up, the Wildwood NJ beach.  This is an add on to the above favorite item.  But even better.  I love the sounds and smells at the shore.  Any of my Philly folks, do you remember: The fudgie wudgie guy–get cher fudgie wudgies heeerrreee?  The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily news guys peddling on the beach–wasn’t that awesome, bringing the paper right to your feet? The “Watch the Tram Car” recording coming from the boardwalk?  Nothing invokes those seaside memories like the smell of Coppertone suntan lotion.  Ccccaaaaawwww, ccccaaaaaaawww–of course that’s the sound of seagulls if you couldn’t figure out my stab at phonetics.  Ahh.  The memories.
  • Hilton Head.  Love it there.  I liked it so much going there on vacation, I even lived there for a couple years.  Way to make a beach junkie happy but to live there.  Talk about euphoria.  I loved so many things there to pass the time.  Amazing shaded bike trails for biking and blading. Calm, uncrowded beaches and 80 degree ocean water.  And palmetto trees.  Who knows why, but for some reason they just make me happy.  Love them.  I could never get enough of all the outdoor cafes with guitar guys singing James Taylor tunes to go with the relaxed vibe of the surf environment.
  • Italy. Being a foodie, this place is very dear to my heart.  I also loved the way we traveled there.  We went only having a hotel the first night, then winged the rest of the way with nothing but Rick’s Steve Back Door Guide and Budget Frommers guiding our way. This is something probably not likely to happen again, especially with kids.  But how cool to hop from town to town not knowing where you were going to be next.  The biggest decision we made after figuring out where we were going to stay was, what should we eat next?
  • Key West is another wonderful spot for me.  Being a type B personality, I couldn’t believe just how laid back it was there.  Super laid back.  Make time for a two hour lunch for just a bowl of conch chowder kind of place.  Add warm weather and be surrounded by aquamarine water.  Ahhhh.
  • Stowe Vermont.  My college buddies and I used to rent ski chalets the first week of January during our winter break.  It was great fun.  I love to ski.  Even though I’m only classified as an intermediate skier, I love the adrenaline rush and the uncrowded, wide sloping trails that we enjoyed there.  I can remember skiing with wind chills at negative temps, but we still had a ball–just had to cover up every exposed part of your skin. Maybe that was why it was so uncrowded…
  • Sneaking into my kids rooms to tuck them in after they fall asleep.  I love how peaceful they look while they are in their deep slumber.  It makes me relish the time that I have when they are still little people and enjoy a moment where I am not nagging or rushing off somewhere with them.
  • Getting up early enough to see the sunrise.  I don’t do it very often–and it’s usually on vacations, but there is something very soothing about the tranquility of a beautiful morning, coupled with the glorious colors streaking through the sky as the sun makes its way over the horizon .  There’s nothing like soaking in all that beauty, silence and solitude to recharge and be thankful for being alive.
  • Floating on a lake in a raft on a lazy summer Sunday.  I know.  Something about me and water, I guess.  And of course, the relaxing part.  It happens so infrequently these days, I fondly remember just how wonderful a thing it truly was.
  • Tooling around on a warm summer evening with the top down in Tom’s car, especially in the country.  It’s wonderful to gaze at the stars and soak in the moonlight with the wind flapping through my hair.
  • Being on the receiving end of a big squooshy hug from one of my boys.  Nothing makes me feel more appreciated than their little arms thrown around me and an “I love you mom”.  Always brings a smile to my face.
  • And of course, in the arms of my wonderful hubby.  Nothing brings peace and comfort like cuddling up to my very best friend…
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