10 Things I’d love to do…

If money and travel were no object what would rock your world?

10.  I’d love to visit Australia and find out what the real outback is really all about.  We have a friend who lives there who is a constant reminder of how cool it would be to see it, especially with the guidance of a local.  In all of our travels over the years, I can certainly say that whenever we bumped into some Aussie travelers, they always seemed to be full of life and adventure.  It appears to be such a beautiful country with so many wonderful things to explore. It’s such a long and expensive journey, it seems a bit out of reach at the moment.  I’m hoping one day we’ll get there.

9. I would love to eradicate all of the unwanted hair on my bod permanently.  Yeah, I know this is actually a pretty attainable thing, but it’s costly, time consuming, and even lasering doesn’t guarantee that it will never grow back again.  Oh, but the joy to never have to shave, wax or pluck another wild overgrowth from my body would be sublime!  I can only dream right now of smoother than smooth legs and unbumpy chins…maybe someday.

8. I’d love to do a zip line in some jungleish locale.  My son is headed on his first boy scout camping trip soon, and actually gets to ride a zip line.  At 11.  How cool is that?  And how jealous am I?  It looks like it would be an awesome experience.  And to kick it up a notch and have the location be in some lush tropical paradise?  Imagine floating through the rainforest with your hair flying in the breeze–yeah, yeah, I’m sure you probably have to wear a helmet, but I am imagining after all!–and cruising through the air at top speed.  What fun!

7. Go whale watching.  In Alaska.  I know that’s kind of two birds in one stone, but hey, it’s my list.  I’d love to take a cruise to Alaska and score some viewings of some humongous whales in the process.  I’ve had friends that have witnessed them on the East coast and have told me how majestic and amazing it is to watch them frolicking in the waters.  Just the sheer size of them, let alone being able to watch them in their own surroundings while they are galavanting in the seas must be just incredible to witness. I can also bet that the scenery that you would pass by in order to get there must be breathtaking as so much of it is unspoiled by our grubby little human hands.

6. Hang out on a movie set for an action movie like James Bond for the day.  I love a good action flick as much as the next guy.  But can you imagine how cool it would be to actually be a fly on the wall while they are filming all the action scenes?  I’ve sat in on some of the stunt type shows at Universal and Disney, and they were quite fun, but would pale in comparison to being live on the set as they are pulling it all together.  Bonus for seeing whatever stars are floating around.  It’d be cool just to be a part of the vibe and to see how it is all put together.

5. Go on a cooking vacation to Italy.  I love Italy.  It’s by far, hands down my most favorite vacation place that I’ve ever been to.  As you may be familiar, I love  food.  I love to eat.  I love to cook. And Italy I had some of the most scrumptious food I’ve ever had.  I’ve joked often that they could probably make a pile of poo taste yummy.  One of the things that I also loved about being there was has cool that the modern existed so easily next to the ancient.  I’ll never forget when we were finishing up a tour near the vatican when we spied one of the guards dressed in full costume chatting on his cell.  It was hilarious.  To see someone depicting someone in period costume with a such a futuristic device as a cell.  The guy for the life of him could not figure out why we were laughing so hard at him, but that made it even more funny…

4. Go heli-skiing.  I don’t know how likely this wish would be, but it sure looks like it’d be a blast.  Since I have only been skiing once or twice a season every year or so since I’ve been a teenager, I never quite get past the intermediate level. I more or less have to re-learn everything each time I strap on the skis and get grooving on down the hill.  I’ve had some friends that have done it, and it would likely give an adrenaline rush quite unlike anything else that I have experienced.  So, I guess, would I not only have to have the means, but I’d also have to somehow glean some mystical expert skiing ability to complete this yearning.

3. I’d love to learn how to surf.  For those of you that know me well, you can stop rolling on the floor with laughter.  I am not what you would call the most coordinated woman on the planet.  I could probably trip over a grain of sand in my path.  I have some semi-average sportish skills.  I can ride a bike at a leisurely pace.  I can swim adequately.  I can shoot a basket. But.  I wouldn’t call myself athletic by any stretch of the imagination. Boy oh boy would I really would love to learn how to ride those gi-huge-ic waves that you see when watching surfing competitions in Hawaii.

2. Visit a volcano and watch it erupt.  I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to Hawaii two times in my lifetime, and each time try as we may, we never quite made it to see the active volcano spewing out it’s mighty molten insides.  I’ve seen films of it happening, but I can only imagine how cool it would be to witness it in person.  My darling Tom and I bought hiking boots and flashlights and hiked as far as we could when we realized our mission would not be fruitful as, let me tell you, it’s ridiculously dark on an island in the middle of the pacific.  We knew it would take quite a long time to reach a point at which we could see, and it was so dark it was very difficult to navigate, we thought it would be too treacherous to make our way back.  I remember being in the Swiss Alps, and also hiking in Hawaii, only to find that the pictures that we took to memorialize the event in no way shape or form came anywhere near close to what it was actually like to witness being there in person.  So, I have to imagine watching spewing lava in person would be a similar scenario.

1. And the top ten if I coulda shoulda woulda would be….drumroll, please…traveling through space.   Even though the space shuttles that we have now are cool.  I’m talking more Star Trek, Star Wars space travel.  How amazing it would be to travel the universe to untold lands and witness all of the amazing things that are floating around in the skies above. No wonder there are so many sci-fi movies and tv shows. And I won’t even touch on all the cool technology that you’d get to use all the time.  The holodeck?  Man, I be there ALL the time!  Who wouldn’t want to experience life in a far, far, far away galaxy?  I know I would.

What would you really love to experience one day if you could?

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  1. Mary says:

    I’ll join you on #3, #5, #7 and #10!!! I have always wanted to see the whales too! I would love to go to all the races of the triple crown one year!

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