Keeping Up With the Seasons

Here we are expecting some snow–finally–as we’ve only gotten teasers so far this year.  Do you think you can actually get a sled this time of year?  Are you kidding me?  Something in the stores that actually coincides with the season that you are in?  I can just envision the store clerk’s lament, “Lady, are you kidding me, the sleds sell out in September or October”.  Silly me.

You know what I mean.  Did you ever try to get a pair of shorts in August?  Parkas and Christmas decorations are already lining the aisles.  So who are these crazy buyers out there forgetting about those of us that live in the moment?

I can even remember being in Hawaii–ok perfect, beautiful weather year round–looking for a rash guard for my boy in January.  Of course the answer was obvious, but not to me of course, “Lady they are out of season”.  Who knew there were seasons even in someplace that has perfect weather all the time.

Of course, if I mention the comment to any of my type A friends, they look aghast with pity for the poor mom who just doesn’t know you need to prepare months in advance for something you may have a use for down the road….just my two cents.

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