25 Random Things

1. I believe in the power of miracles, love and a well placed smile.

2. I think people are inherently good, and for the most part witness many acts of kindness on a daily basis. But boy, are there people who every now and then who try really hard to prove my theory wrong.

3. I met my husband at a gathering of friends who were sick and tired of dating. So glad I went that day!

4. Realized I’d never be a baseball star when playing catch with my dad when I was about 10 years old. He lobbed an easy ball in the air, I screamed, “I got it! I got it! I got it!” To which I promptly did get a very bloody nose and two black eyes.

5. Know by experience that gesticulating with your hands can get you into trouble. Will never forget two classic moments. One time when I was sitting on the pier at Penn’s Landing chatting with my cousin Marie telling a story so feverishly with my hands that I landed her shoe right in the murky waters of the Delaware River. I managed to recover from my embarassing moment–ironically by waving my hands frantically at a boat passing so that they could retrieve the floating shoe from the river. (Never, ever fails to bring a smile to my face.) Poor Tom got the burden of my next memorable moment. I was sitting at a Japanese steak house telling the story of our first date to some friends, when I emptied the contents of my big glass of red completely onto my new beau from head to toe: tan linen jacket, white shirt and jeans were saturated. I figured if he’d still go out with me after that, he must be a pretty good guy 🙂

6. It’s amazing how the relationship with my mom has come full circle. We were always pretty close and doing lots together when I was young, as I was the baby of the brood. Then in my teenage years I pretty much told her not much of anything. We never fought much or disliked one another, but just naturally separated to explore life and test my roots. As I went away to college, I made a deal to call her once a week on Saturday morning that continued well into my 20s. Now that I’m home with my kids I call her regularly, and it’s unusual not to check in daily. My husband wonders what we find to talk about, and I really have no earthly idea. She can complete most thoughts for me, and probably shares the title of best friend with Tom.

7. Seriously appreciate the daily ritual of a couple cups of Joe along with my morning crossword.

8. Thinks a standard is much more fun to drive than an automatic.

9. Would love to learn how to surf one day, but those of you who know me well can only picture my non-coordinated dancing Elaine self on a surfboard.

10. Will never forget walking into a wedding at 5 holding my dad’s hand, asking for his hankie to blow my nose only to hand it back to a big, tall scary man that definitely WAS NOT my dad.

11. Cried while watching Cool Runnings.

12. Knew I was ready to be a parent when I realized I could easily sacrifice my life for my child’s.

13. Was rudely awakened in High School after acing my entire elementary school career–at which time I realized that I actually had to do homework to continue to get good grades.

14. Was really glad my dad was watching when I slid into the deep end while I was playing with the water that trickled down the slide.

15. Was blown away when the hospital couldn’t reach us for four hours when calling for us to pull the plug on Tommy. They reached us after he stabilized. Later that day I checked our file to make sure our contact info was correct, and sure enough it was. Will never forget that miracle and will be eternally grateful.

16. Hope that my kids know deep in their hearts that I drop by to give them a kiss most nights on the way to bed after they are asleep.

17. Find no comfort greater than in the arms of my man.

18. Experienced palpable emotion while witnessing all of the cancer survivors on the steps of the Art Museum during the Walk for the Cure. Even more emotional were all the names on the shirts of people who were walking that didn’t make it.

19. Know first hand that it’s not a good idea to wear a bikini when waterskiing–and so do all the folks that watched me walk back onto the dock!

20. Truly believe that a little laughter in each day is good for everyone.

21. Appreciate and admire directness rather than beating around the bush all day long.

22. Found it mind boggling that I could actually love my second child just as much as I love my first.

23. Red Wine not White, Chocolate not Vanilla, Summer not Winter, Quiet not Loud, Beach not Mountains, Black ink not blue…

24. Absolutely cannot imagine my life without family both immediate and extended. Am very thankful for all of the friendships that were forged by blood. Love them all. Lumps and all.

25. Still have not figured out the meaning of life, and hope I will always strive to live in the moment, cherish the now, fondly remember the past, and constantly dream for the future as I try to figure it out.

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  1. Sandi Volpe says:

    Wonderfully written….keep writing:-)

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